The World's First Bathroom Appliance.

World’s first bathroom appliance that conceals a retractable toilet and basin, with no taps nor accessories,  plus an optional shower. The innovation however is greater than the product alone, as it creates a new design paradigm in significantly saving space. Bathrooms can now be reduced in area by up to 60%, or alternatively the space gained may be used for a more healthy lifestyle enabling architects to design beautiful, minimalist yet more efficient and affordable bathrooms in all building types.

This unique and innovative appliance will revolutionise the way we think of a bathroom and all spaces that incorporate
toilets and basins worldwide. 


It's a Winner - UB1 claims international design prize.

Uniq Bathrooms UB1 product will receive the prestigious ISH 2017 Design Plus Award at the ISH International Fair in Frankfurt, Germany March 14-18.

Affirming its place in the world as a catalyst for a significant change in bathroom innovation.


Revolutionise the Bathroom.

Just as the dishwasher reinvented the kitchen, UNIQ's toilet is an entirely new, 
unprecedented innovation that will revolutionise bathroom design and change how we interact with bathrooms forever.

The same size as a standard dishwasher 600w x 600d x 900h this new appliance will follow in a similar pattern to the evolution of the dishwasher and become a catalyst for all  bathroom design. 



The Next BIG Thing

The 21st century has created some extraordinary new inventions like the Drones, driverless cars and Smart Phones. There are more toilets in the world than phones. 

Bathroom appliances are The Next BIG Thing as they conceal every sanitary fixture, including taps and accessories. 

The toilet can now "disappear" from the bathroom when not in use... You never have to see an open toilet lid again!


Suitable in Any Environment

Installation.001 copy.jpg

Reduce bathroom size by over 50%.

Reduce the most expensive wet area of bathrooms by minimising circulation space.

With its space efficiency, less tiling and waterproofing comes a substantial pro rata cost saving of up to 40% as reported by leading world construction cost consultants Rider Levett Bucknall. They have confirmed cost savings of 20% less then traditional bathrooms can be achieved. They have further concluded that if the area saved by utilising the concept can be deleted from the building itself then a further 20% cost saving in direct Building Costs over a traditionally arranged Bathroom are achievable. 


Conceal every sanitary fixture and all accessories

With Uniq UB1 all sanitary fixtures, including taps and accessories are concealed flush within your bathroom wall or under a vanity bench.

You never again have to see a the usual clutter, taps, toilet paper holder, spare rolls, and toiletries, just minimalist clean clear space.


Superior Sustainability Solutions

Uniq products are 95% stainless steel which is the primary material in medical and household applications. A protective layer forms naturally on all stainless steel through inclusion of chromium that protects the steel from corrosion, ensuring long life. The US Green Building Council recognises the environmental benefits of using high-recycled content materials and acknowledges LEED Green Building Rating Systems award points for their use.

Stainless steel is 100% recyclable into the same product with no reduction in quality.

With high quality paint coating on all visible parts, compliance in Europe has been sought to eliminate toxic chemicals through the REACH Regulations.  Strict compliance in product specification will ensure the paint manufacturers will comply to remove toxic chemicals in order to provide eco labels, certificates and factory warranties. 


History of UNIQ Bathrooms

Examples of early toilets go back to the medieval era, yet the modern flushing toilet was only invented in 1889.

Apart from some slight improvements in flushing efficiency, no significant advances to the toilet have been made in the past 120 years. The shapes of baths, basins and toilets have remained, much the same with taps, pipes, cisterns, plugs and drains in the same positions today as they were then. 

The UNIQ vision began in 2003 when an Australian engineer and an architect agreed over a fine lunch that the ugliest piece of furniture in the world was the ubiquitous toilet. Whilst their prior 20 year relationship as leading consultants in the building industry enabled them to build successful professional practices, their passion, bond and desire is what led them to create a new visionary product set to revolutionise the modern bathroom.